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Free yourself from the subjunctive

A plea for the bold, the true, the blunt

It's time to unleash language, break the shackles of the subjunctive and unleash the daring spirit of truthfulness. No more timid "could", "would" and "should"! Let's leave the subjunctive behind and plunge headlong into the clear, unabashed waters of authenticity.

The subjunctive may be justified in its cautious formulation, but in a world that cries out for authenticity, it is time to be courageous. Because those who constantly lose themselves in the subjunctive also lose the strength of their convictions.

Let's free ourselves from the shackles of uncertainty! Instead of saying, "It might be an advantage", we should proclaim loud and clear: "It is an advantage!" The world belongs to the courageous, not the doubters.

We don't need cautious evasions and timid assumptions. Let's free ourselves from the subjunctive and step out into the shining light of clarity. Our communication style should not look for loopholes, but open doors to new ideas and new paths.

At a time when honesty is more important than ever, we should dare to say what we think - without ifs and buts. The subjunctive may enclose us in a cocoon of restraint, but freedom is waiting outside, beyond the cloudy formulations.

Let's free ourselves from the subjunctive and let our words fly without getting tangled up in the invisible threads of uncertainty. It's time to unleash language and follow courage - without ifs, without buts, without the subjunctive!"

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