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Behind the Keynote Episode 2: Lisa Boje

Updated: Feb. 18

Lisa Boje at "Behind the Keynote" with Stephan Lendi

In the second episode of "Behind the Keynote" with Stephan Lendi, we set sail on stormy seas with Lisa Boja. Lisa Boje, the charismatic expert for igniting corporate passion, opening up new business horizons and navigating through times of crisis! The cheerful Rhineland native and passionate sailor has not only crossed the Atlantic, but also pursues a clear mission: to set companies and employees alike on the road to success. Lisa awakens the spirits of tired teams, unleashes the potential of managers and guides companies safely through upheaval. True to the motto - Shift happens.

The "Behind the Keynote" format with Stephan Lendi 

'Behind the Keynote' is the captivating TV-quality talk format for YouTube and LinkedIn that reveals the inspiring stories of keynote speakers. Immerse yourself in the world of people who inspire and excite others. What motivates them? How did they become leaders in their industry? Presenter Stephan Lendi guides you through the background in personal conversations, sheds light on the fascinating stories and explores the content and topics that these keynote speakers bring to the stage.  

'Behind the Keynote' offers insights into the personalities who impress with their speeches and lets you get to know the people behind the keynotes better. A unique series that focuses not only on professional expertise, but also on personal stories. 

About presenter Stephan Lendi 

Stephan Lendi is a sought-after speaker, moderator and host. With over two decades of experience as a communications coach and trained mediator, he offers professional coaching to leaders and teams to improve their communication skills and media relations. In doing so, he demonstrates an authentic passion for people, their unique stories and complex issues. 

Thanks to Andy W. Bohli, Imaculix, Sebastian Weidmann, Newbury Media & Communications GmbH, CPO Content Park Operations, Stefano Perversi, their teams and the other keynote speakers of the German Speakers Association, Roger Basler de Roca, Lisa Boje, Jochen Peter Breuer, Klaus Affholderbach, Daniel Enz, Lorenz Wenger, Sara Zehnder, Marcus Selzer, Wolfgang Walter Wulle 

Broadcast teaser episode 2

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