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Real stress is better than false harmony: the unvarnished truth about the chaos of life

In today's world of yoga poses and self-help books, the longing for harmony seems to be omnipresent. But let's be honest - real stress has its own, often underappreciated charms. Why take refuge in the illusion of false harmony when the real drama of life is so much more exciting?

False harmony is like a soap bubble: beautiful to look at, but at the slightest touch it bursts in a cloud of illusions. A carefully constructed image of peace and tranquillity that, on closer inspection, is as real as unicorns in a supermarket.

Real stress, on the other hand, is an honest companion. It does not sit in the shadows of false smiles, but storms out, roars and causes the paper towers of appearances to collapse. Why settle for superficial calm when you can experience the drama of real life instead?

The offices where the appearance of false harmony prevails are like still lifes without brushstrokes. No wonder people look for excitement in the fridge - at least there is no false harmony there. Real stress enlivens the atmosphere, like a fresh breeze in a dusty room.

False harmony means suppressing emotions, while real stress elicits emotions as if it had a magic wand. It makes adrenaline dance and hearts beat faster. It is the true essence of life, a chaos that brings liveliness to a rigid routine.

Stress can be a rollercoaster of emotions, but at least it's not a boring swing in the backyard of false harmony. Those who face real stress experience the true spectrum of human existence, from ecstatic joy to heartbreaking despair.

So, why dwell in the illusion of false harmony when the real chaos of life is so much more exciting? Let's embrace stress, accept it as the living pulse of our existence and free ourselves from the notion of false harmony. Because real stress may be chaotic, but it's also damn vibrant.

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