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The talk format that tells the personal stories of keynote speakers!

The format focuses primarily on the personal stories that have made our keynote speakers the experts they are today. From neuro-leadership expert Wolfgang Walter Wulle to customer excellence specialist Sara Zehnder and AI expert Roger Basler de Roca - discover the impressive personalities behind the keynotes.

A spectrum of topics & emotions 

  • Lisa Boje: The cheerful Rhineland native laughs as she shares her nightmare of crossing the Atlantic by sailing boat with her family. 

  • Klaus Affholderbach: The physicist tells how he learned of an airplane accident on his first day at Skyguide air traffic control. 

  • Lorenz Wenger: Business diving instructor who demonstrates the importance of exploring new waters. 

  • Marcus Selzer: The keynote speaker who focuses on people, especially sales personalities.


The TV-quality production, designed by Andy W. Bohli of Imaculix AG and produced in the studios of Content Park Operations - the studio design not only lends the format visual elegance, but also emphasizes the content quality and competence of the protagonists.

Special thanks go to Stefano Perversi from Content Park Operations, who sees 'Behind the Keynote' as an exciting story and emotional journey in front of and behind the scenes.

A highlight not only for audience members, but also for agencies and end customers. Marcus Selzer, President of the GSA Swiss Section, emphasizes: "An opportunity for keynote speakers to show a completely different side of themselves and step out of their comfort zone."


9 episodes with TOP keynote speakers and their personal stories

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Digital entrepreneur, book author and Top 100 speaker and trainer Roger Basler de Roca takes us into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence. As a Ph.D. Candidate and experienced digital entrepreneur for 25 years, he shares not only his extensive expertise but also his passion for technology and innovation. Learn more about his inspiring journey, from his love for computers to his current focus on educational consulting to bring people and machines together in the best possible way. Exciting insights and anecdotes that show how technology has the potential to improve us all.

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Lisa Boje, the charismatic expert for igniting corporate passion, opening up new business horizons and navigating through times of crisis! The cheerful Rhineland native and passionate sailor has not only crossed the Atlantic, but also pursues a clear mission: to set companies and employees alike on the road to success.

Lisa awakens the spirits of tired teams, unleashes the potential of managers and leads companies safely through upheavals.


True to the motto - Shift happens.

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Jochen Peter Breuer is a bestselling author, international keynote speaker, podcaster and, above all, a specialist in solving emotional blockages in companies and teams.

His aim is to combine emotions and business. 

On the one hand, the potential of people, which lies in each individual and in a group, and on the other, the concrete and creative aspects of business. He finds the authentic path between emotion and reason to master this balancing act.

Jochen has been involved in more than 20 international mergers, has
difficult collaborations and advised top managers in emotionally charged situations. He knows how business works and doesn't work.



Dr. Klaus Affholderbach, former member of the Executive Board at Swiss air traffic control Skyguide, is an expert in supportive corporate culture and leadership. Today, he works as an independent executive coach and keynote speaker.


His management career at Swiss air traffic control began on the day of the Überlingen air disaster, which prompted him to focus intensively on safety culture. For him, it is crucial to learn from mistakes in order to avoid disasters and to build up a supportive error culture.


Leadership has become his passion, which he now enjoys passing on as an independent coach and consultant.



Daniel Enz, the "Wolf of Sales", as he was aptly dubbed in a Swiss newspaper, is remembered not only for his sales skills, but also for his unmistakable shoes.


His presentations and training methods are just as exceptional as he is. Continuous development is at the top of this sales expert's agenda. His sustainable sales training courses are characterized by a high practical component. He helps salespeople to reflect more intensively on themselves and to take an active approach, which leads to more deals and consequently to higher turnover in the company.



Lorenz Wenger describes himself as a bird of paradise, a courageous scaredy-cat and a business diver. Lorenz is a speaker, author, business trainer and university lecturer and dives in a wide variety of waters and industries. He is passionate about courage, change and communication.  

As MUT!VATOR, he helps people, companies and organizations to stay fit in the face of radical change in order to meet the future with open arms. His motto and mission: "Let's take a courageous dive together and actively shape the future. Life is a dive. Business too."  



Sara Zehnder is a keynote speaker whose positive charisma inspires people to develop their full potential and thus contribute to the success of the company.

For her, persuasion does not mean giving orders, but rather winning people over emotionally, listening to them attentively, understanding them, being supportive and communicating in their language. These principles apply equally to sales, patient care and management. Employees are a company's most valuable asset, and investing in their personal growth is considered essential. 

For Sara, standing still is not an option.



Marcus Selzer, an experienced sales professional, shares his conviction as to why positive thinking and conventional sales training are the downfall of every company.


Through his intensive study of topics such as body language, behavioral psychology and beliefs, he has gained profound insights and recognized connections. Although entrepreneurs primarily consult him about sales issues, the discussions often lead to many different topics that are crucial for success.

Marcus Selzer - The sales coach who brings back the smile.



Wolfgang Walter Wulle is a keynote speaker, coach and consultant to top management.

As a neuro-inspirator, he has accompanied over 300 companies and leaders on their path to a more successful future over the past ten years. His studies in cognitive neuroscience and his training in coaching, strategy development, communication and mediation enable him to tackle challenges with brain, heart and humor. With 40 years of experience as a successful lifestyle entrepreneur, he knows what really works for companies and leaders in everyday life. Everything he does is done with passion, depth and heart and soul.

His approach: wanting to understand without having to agree.

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Stephan Lendi has been working for almost 20 years as a trainer for presentation skills, dealing with the media, rhetoric and body language for well-known companies at home and abroad. As a speaker, he lends his voice to TV and radio commercials, image films, training films, e-learning courses, TV programs and IMAX films. As a presenter, he appears on stage in German, English and French, hosts a regular television program, numerous stage shows, interviews and podiums for events, corporate, customer and political occasions.

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