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The book Business Storytelling 2.0 by Stephan Lendi is available in bookstores and on Amazon.


Presenting, appearing and performing authentically in the digital age

Digitalization is accelerating change, creating additional challenges, unsatisfactory multitasking and less attention during meetings, presentations and speeches - in the digital boardroom as well as on stage.

This makes authentic presentation skills all the more important in this context: from the targeted analysis of your audience, well-chosen presentation structures and business storytelling to functional body language and the skilful handling of questions.

In Business Storytelling 2.0, Stephan Lendi takes you step by step on the way to your presentation: rely on tried-and-tested strategies to captivate your audience, overcome your own fears, create the desired benefit and shine with authenticity and self-confidence even in tough Q&As.

"Storytelling means building bridges - not just between products and customers, but between companies and people. The art of storytelling not only creates business relationships, but also emotional connections that are deeply rooted."

Stephan Lendi



Chapter 1: Between multitasking and back-to-back meetings - presenting in the digital age
Chapter 2: Inspiring as a charismatic speaker
Chapter 3: The power of stories
Chapter 4: The power of 3
Chapter 5: Structuring presentations
Chapter 6: Who am I actually doing this for?
Chapter 7: The power of the pause
Chapter 8: Actively involving the audience
Chapter 9: Reading aloud, memorizing or cards?
Chapter 10: How many slides fit into one minute?
Chapter 11: Calm nerves: using stage fright as an energy resource
Chapter 12: Where to put your hands? Body language for convincing speeches
Chapter 13: Look me in the eye!
Part 3: The successful conclusion
Chapter 14: Questions & Answers
Chapter 15: Trembling Q&A

"A well-told story penetrates the surface of pure commerce and becomes anchored in the memory. It not only gives a brand a character, but also an unmistakable identity."

Stephan Lendi


Download covers, mockups as well s further material.

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